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Last July we picked up our sweet Magnolia Ridge and our lives have been changed ever since! She is so full of energy and determination. She loves to work and is incredibly intelligent. She is AKC Star Puppy certified and almost CGC certified and the list will soon go on. She will start nose work detection classes soon. The love magnolia show us is unmatched. On top of that I couldn�??t recommend a better person to get a GSP from. Melissa has answered any questions I�??ve had as a new GSP mom and I know I can call anytime with a problem!
Allison Folse - 3:27 PM on January 25, 2020  by
On Thanksgiving weekend, we brought home our second GSP from Melissa, and we could not be more THANKFUL! This sweet boy has completely stollen our hearts! He is incredibly smart and obedient but is also a total clown! Melissa has always been available to answer questions and give advice. Thanks to the great care and socialization Melissa and her family provided, he is wonderful with other children and pets, and house training was a breeze. Melissa helped us pick the perfect boy for our lifestyle, and though he is very energetic, he is always more than happy to snuggle and be a couch potato. Melissa is an excellent breeder!! She is extremely knowledgeable and cares deeply about this breed, her dogs, and the families that are lucky enough to own them.

S Galiardo - 10:42 PM on January 5, 2020  by

20 years ago I met Melissa, & immediately fell in love with my puppy, LEFTY. Through the years, growing up, I always had Labs or mixed-rescues....It wasn't until I saw the GSP breed racing across my TV in 1999 during one of the Westminster Dog Shows, that I even heard of the breed. I was enamoured, and immediately started searching for a "GSP Breeder" (back then, we only had newspaper ads!). I found Melissa, made a trip to see her, and 2 hours later, was driving home with my gorgeous 8-week old LEFTY. For 14 years, he was my everything. We endured several years of trials, tribulations, and journeys together....all of which I remember like it was yesterday. New to the breed, it was quite an adjustment to learn the ways of a hunting dog! I didn't, nor ever aspire to hunt; I just wanted a loyal family dog that required little "maintenance". HA !!!! Loyal he was, BUT GSPs are NOT low maintenance!!! LEFTY owned ME! He was smart, highly energetic, hard-headed, selective hearing, and very demanding.....But, the BEST dog I ever had---Loving and loyal and knew no strangers.

LEFTY went to heaven at 14 years in 2013. To this day, I'll never get over the loss. But, I went back to Melissa here at Briar Covey to find my next Love.
I now was more familiar with the crazy ways of the GSP.; and hooked for life on this breed. Once you have one, you'll not have any other breed...and Yes, I could've gone to any other Breeder or even Rescue. But there was no question that I went right back to Melissa & came home with 8-week old COOPER (who will be turning 6 years old already on Christmas Day). Melissa is an amazing person; she LOVES her dogs & personally cares for every pup & litter that she breeds. I've visited Melissa during my travels, just to say HELLO & see what new "faces" are there. The sires & dams that are no longer able to breed, she keeps them & let's them retire on her farm....She's not a "revolving door" Breeder who dismisses the dogs that have continued the blood lines. SHE CARES deeply about this Breed & these animals, and that's why I will keep going back to Melissa (when I'm ready:-) & highly recommended Briar Covey to anyone BRAVE enough to share a life with the amazing GSP..

As wonderful as the GSP is, it disheartens me when the Rescues are overrun with them because the "owners" weren't prepared nor did research on what the GSP is all about. These dogs are one of the smartest breeds---they make excellent family pets and are NEVER aggressive. But they are demanding & require your attention & constant love. They are headstrong & comical....and like mine, make awesome bed-buddies & couch junkies. Melissa knows the breed better than anyone; and is always a kind & wonderful resource for past, present, and future owners of the GSP.
SJ Malloy - 11:40 AM on November 14, 2019  by
Wow I'm blown away by this kennel !! I have been I contact for a few weeks to purchase a puppy for my father in law for xmas .. it was to be a surpise but after a visit with my husband my father in law made a comment that a pup would not be good for him at this time. I made the deposit and starting making payments (which by the way was awesome for us financially to be able to do instead all at once ) I was really excited to place a puppy in a home with my father in law but now knowing it's not his wishes I had to tell Mrs. Melissa and to my surprise she was super understanding a d even refunded my money !! I would highly recommend this breeder to others they are very honest and reputable! I will definitely be back if the timing is right in the future:) ty for all the info and time you have spent with us during this process
Ashley M Hingson - 7:47 PM on October 30, 2019

We bought a male GSP from Melissa and he was an awesome dog, great hunting partner. We had him for three years and for certain reasons we had to give him back to Melissa which she took him back with no questions asked she was just concerned about Trooper and him finding the right home. She placed him several months later with a new owner, and Trooper ended up being very happy in his new home. We would definitely recommend Melissa and Briar Covey GSP she is a caring breeder that puts her dogs first no matter what the situation.

Hollie Topash - 9:16 AM on October 14, 2019

We picked up our little man in April and couldn't be happier with him and the experience . My husband and I had a hunting accident, Melissa was great and flexible with us picking up our puppy while checking several times with me about his condition. Definitely recommend them, I will be back sooner than later for a buddy for our boy.

Julie Rocha - 9:24 PM on June 26, 2019 

We couldn't be more grateful for our little man Scout. He's 11 weeks old now & we are over the moon happy to have him in our lives! Scout came from Solstice Farm's Frayja & Tennesse Jack Honey Smith's litter born on 01/12/19. He's perfect in every way! When we described to Melissa what we wanted: looks, personailty, temperament,etc., she knew exactly who we needed in our lives, & she couldnt have been more correct. Melissa has been so helpful throughout the whole process, even after bringing our boy home & it's been weeks later. Any questions i have she is very prompt to answer. You can tell she sincerely cares about her dogs & puppies, as well as her clients. We brought Scout home cause we wanted to give our 8 month old Weimaraner, Gunner, a buddy to have grow with him! The 2 are inseperable. They have exceeded the relationship we were hoping for as puppymates. Scout & Gunner now get to enjoy boating, running, swimming, fishing, fetching, etc. The boys run all day on 2 acres & have so much energy to exert. But at the end of the day we cant help but take in all the snuggles. Scout has been the perfect addition to our home & we are so happy to have him. We didn't know what we were missing until he entered our lives! This spunky little guy is awesome & so is Melissa. & if we ever decide to be insane like most dog pawrents & decide we want a 3rd dog, then we know for sure we will be seeing Melissa again! Thank you so much again for our perfect little guy!

Melinez Cabrera - 4:59 PM on April 1, 2019 
We had originally picked Stella from the litter and met her weeks prior to bringing her home. Melissa called us to let us know that during one of her many vet visits it became clear Stella was developing an overbite, she offered us another pick of the litter or even a full refund but we had already fallen in love and decided we still wanted to bring home our sweet girl. Melissa went above and beyond- offering to assist in payment if Stella had any dental issues in the future, sent regular updates about the progression, and was so knowledgeable that when we had Stella examined by our own vet Melissa had given us the same description and even was more thorough about what could happen.
Fast forward a year later we have had zero issues with Stella's overbite. She is the smartest, most obedient dog we have ever owned. Melissa made the buying experience so enjoyable that we have sent countless friends to find their puppy soulmates. Today, over a year later I reached out to Melissa interested in finding Stella a sister - not only did she answer swiftly, she recalled details about Stella, referred to my boyfriend by name, and answered all of my questions! We will be forever customers.
Mylie Feaster - 1:11 PM on March 6, 2019  by
We picked up our female puppy a few days ago from the airport. I was nervous as this was the first time I have ever purchased a puppy from a breeder out of state. Melissa was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, and made me feel comfortable about flying my puppy here. Melissa is quick to answer any texts, emails or calls which was also very assuring. Our puppy is beautiful and very smart. You can tell she was well taken care of until it was her time to leave for her forever home.
Lisa K. - 10:05 AM on March 4, 2019  by
We have had our female puppy Mocha for 6 days now. What a wonderful experience, she is a very friendly well socialized puppy. She has obviously had one on one time with Melissa and her family as she learns very quickly. She love,s people of all age,s and gender and is very inquizitive towards other dog.

Melissa has been great to work with. Prior to getting Mocha I never visualized myself buying a puppy unseen from the internet. This has been a very easy stress less endever, Melissa is always quick to get back to with answers to your questions or requests.a dream breeder to work with,

My wife and I live in Fairbanks Alaska and this is our third GSP in the last 20 years. I would definitely recommend Melissa and her puppies!

Dave Larsen
Dave Larsen - 10:20 AM on January 31, 2019  by