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We've had our new puppy now for almost 3 weeks, and what a joy. Melissa is great to work with and our puppy is bright, conformationally correct and full of puppy fun. This is my 4th GSP and we are very pleased.

Robert - 8:47 AM on January 29, 2019  by
Absolutely wonderful experience. Picking out my new G.S.P was easy and fun. The G.S.Ps are beautiful and being raised in a lovely and spacious place. My new puppy is happy and healthy. This entire process was easy and fun.
luis Rioseco - 4:01 PM on January 21, 2019  by
I received a puppy from Melissa from her litter from Dixie and Moos (born 5/2/2016).
Callie has been the best dog I could have asked for, and more than I thought she could even be. Melissa so super patient with me throughout the whole process(this was my first GSP, and dog of my own), and handled all of my questions professionally. I always recommend this kennel when people ask about my girl.
Bethany - 5:03 AM on December 11, 2018  by
About 6 months ago we got our beautiful Bella from Briar Covey, and we are absolutely in love with her. We got her for my son's birthday and they are best friends. I would recommend Briar Covey to anyone who is looking for a GSP. Melissa is so helpful and always willing to answer any questions that you may have.
BNorman - 3:07 PM on December 3, 2018  by
Briar Covey is the best!!!
Scooter & Pops - 7:01 AM on December 16, 2017
Dear Melissa,
It?s been about 6 months since I picked up my little girl dawg ?Rosey?, I believe I should send you a written update with a photo that may post at if you wish.

First off I wish to thank you on providing such a healthy pup to me, she has been a blessing to me in several aspects. Especially with helping me get over the recent loss of my GSP ?Dixie?!

After nearly to 13 years of bonding ?Dixie? dawg died of cancer, which left me depressed as she was one of best of my previous 5 quail dawgs.

?Rosey? dawg & I have bonded as being nearly close 24/7 with the exception of at about 5 months of age I had to board her, 2 weeks , as my wife were leaving to Alaska to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

At 70 years of age it?s been challenging to bring up this very active pup which you appropriate nick named ?Nosey?! Which appropriate as she?s definitely nosey which a good trait in the field. Does real good with finding quail wings I hide in the brush.

I see she?s got fine senses of sight, nose & hearing. Got her whistle trained right away, as well as kennel up. She knows the commands Sit, Down, Wait & No or Stop.
But as most children she?s distracted around other people& needs a Tone or light zap to her collar. I started her collar training @ 6 months old.

As now she has several nick names, ? Houdini ? , ?Conan the Destroyer ?, ?Wild Thing? & ?Terrorist? as my wife named her. And with that when I?m asked, ?What type of dog is she?, I say ?German Shorthaired Muslim Pointer?.....Ha!

This photo attached is one of her at 10 weeks of age and shows my scarred arms that she used as a bite toy till she finally lost her baby teeth and settled down recently.

I recommend you & Briar Covey Kennel to all I speak with about bird dogs! Thanks again,
Larry Powell
1909 Old S. Carolina Ave.
Hendersonville, NC 28739
PS BTW I sent AKC the papers to have her name changed to ?Dixie?s Rose Lee? as my original was ?Dixie Rose Lee? there must have been others so came back as ?Dixie Rose Lee III?.

Melissa Gray - 8:55 PM on November 18, 2017 

If you have received a puppy from Briar Covey and would like to share your experience(s), please use this page. Also if you have any helpful tips, advice, etc. . . that you believe would be helpful to other new owners, or potential owners, please feel free to share.
Thank you!
Melissa Gray - 7:54 PM on June 17, 2017