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If you have received a puppy from Briar Covey and would like to share your experience(s), please use this page. Also if you have any helpful tips, advice, etc. . . that you believe would be helpful to other new owners, or potential owners, please feel free to share.
Thank you!

Testimonials (96)

My family had admired GSPs for sometime but were waiting until the right time to add one to our family. I came across a cute little GSP puppy that a neighbor had just gotten, a neighbor I very eagerly introduced myself to as soon as I saw her puppy. She told me about her search and how she found Melissa at Briar Covey. I immediately got her contact information to see what her GSPs were all about. Melissa worked with answering all of our questions, allowed us to go on the wait list until we were ready for our new addition. Once we made our pick, we could not be more happy with our little spunky guy, Blaze. We got him at 8 weeks old back in August 2022, and he is now just over year old and every bit of the fun you get with a GSP. Super smart, eager to please and a bit mischievous from time to time but has a nose to hunt and the energy to play for hours. He took to training well and has ability to calm in "place" on command. All in all I would highly recommend Melissa and her pups. If I had it my way, I'd have one of every color. He is just so much fun, a true companion. Thank you Melissa!!!


Late one night I was searching for a GSP breeder in FL and much to my surprise I found Melissa and she responded to my text almost instantly. After that she listened to me talk about our beloved Kiki who was a three year old GSP who's life was cut short after being bit by a water moccasin. I really didn't even know if i was ready for another fur baby. But Melissa was patient, knowledgeable, and didn't put any pressure on me at all. After a few weeks of texting back and forth we arranged a meet and greet with a couple of the puppies for my son and I. We had one girl in our sights but it was the dog Melissa chose for us in the beginning (one that was the same color as our Kiki) that stole our hearts. We are forever grateful that our new puppy Avery chose us. Thank you Melissa, your dogs are simply beautiful just like you! 🐶🤎

Michelle Largo 1:45 September 7, 2023


When I had first found Briar Covey GSP on AKC's website I immediately gave Melissa a call with loads of questions about all of her current litters, that she happily answered. Now, I live in Maine, a long ways from Florida; so once I picked out a pup, Melissa stayed in constant contact with me as we tried figuring out a way to get the pup to me. Unfortunately, that proved difficult, and the plan fell through. Once it did, Melissa offered me another option for a future littler. To make a long story short, I did select another pup from another littler, and through some crafty planning, Melissa was able to get this pup to me safe and sound. Let me tell you, that this pup, Cooper, is as smart as he is handsome, and very eager to learn. It is clear he came from a well bread line of GSPs. I have had the best experience working with Melissa from Briar Covey GSP, and highly recommend anyone looking for a GSP puppy to check them out!

Lane Deabay 8:32 August 14, 2023


We have had simply the best experience with Melissa & Briar Covey GSP’S. She is so informative, and shows a true passion with her puppies! She made everything so easy for us while we were looking for the perfect new four legged family member! I truly would recommend them to anyone looking for a new GSP puppy!

Kelsea Ford 7:04 July 28, 2023


We bought our GSP, Sabine, from Melissa in 2020 and she will be 3 years old in August. She has been the absolute best little sport dog we could have asked for. She's competing in Dock Diving, Disc Dog, Agility and more and absolutely loving every second of it. We had asked Melissa for guidance on a puppy based on what we were looking for (dog sports) and she suggested we go with Sabine and she's everything we could have wanted and more!

Carrie Pelzer 12:10 July 11, 2023


My gap Rosie is now 7 months old. Here dad is Kuno. I trained pointers and field trialed them with several wins competing against professional trainers. I can’t say enough about the hunting drive this dog has. It has everything you would want in a hunting dog. This is the best puppy I have ever seen for hunting skills. The only thing I have left is to steady her to wing and shot which from what I have experienced will be easy. If you are looking for a gsp to hunt look for a litter sired by Kuno. You will be proud of your gsp when showing it off to your hunting friends. If you have any questions e mail me. These dogs are not kennel dogs, Rosie is part of the family.

Jack Valent 7:57 July 6, 2023


Melissa is incredible - from her wealth of knowledge and advice about GSPs to her kindness and warmth, we were so lucky to work with her. Her attention to detail throughout the process was fantastic. Melissa answered all of our questions, and was so lovely and communicative. Our 11 week old pup from Cocoa/Honey Jack Smith's litter is amazing and we couldn't be happier or more in love with him! He is intelligent, curious, well socialized, and seemed to come home with a good bit of potty training, as well! He loves the water and is quite the precocious little guy! Melissa's love, expertise, and nurturing is so evident in our little guy. Thank you, Melissa!

Michelle M. 10:06 July 4, 2023


We purchased our puppy Jasper from Greta and Tennessee jack honeys smiths litter about two weeks ago. We are so in love with him and he has done amazing with his kennel and potty training. It was hands down an amazing experience working with Melissa and you could tell she genuinely cares for and loves these puppy’s. We are so grateful and can’t wait to watch him grow!

Alexa williams 10:44 June 19, 2023


We purchased Brandi and Enzo, littermates from Dak and Hunter litter, born on 4/16/23. Melissa has the knowledge and experience of a veteran GSP breeder. Both of the puppies are extremely healthy, energetic and intelligent. Within the week of them being part of our family they respond to their names and simple commands. Potty training is successfully ongoing as both of them run to the door to be let outside. All in all Melissa does a fantastic job raising the pups from birth to adoption. We highly recommend her to anyone seriously considering a GSP for their family.

Sal Rastrelli 9:45 June 17, 2023


Melissa was wonderful to work with throughout the process. She is very responsive and you can tell she cares deeply for all her dogs. We absolutely love our new family member Huck. He is so sweet and smart. He has a wonderful personality and he is great with our 2 young boys. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a GSP puppy.

Lindsey 9:45 June 16, 2023

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