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We just got our first puppy from Briar Covey and we could not be happier. Melissa was so kind and incredibly knowledgeable. This was such a wonderful experience for us all. Melissa helped me surprise my kids for Christmas and she goes above and beyond with ensuring a smooth transition. PS. Our pup is a little angel. He has been so great since the day we got him. We could not be happier!!!ur products, or your customer service.

Trish 9:11 PM on January 4, 2022 by

Working with Melissa on getting my Moose, was easy and seamless! I couldn’t have asked for an easier process. This is my first puppy I’m raising and she is so perfect and healthy! Melissa is very knowledgable about this breed and it made the process a breeze! Couldn’t recommend Briar Covey enough.

Brittney 2:23 PM on December 31, 2021 by

Did a lot of research on the breed before landing on Briar Covey’s page. They BEYOND work with you on selection. Super professional. This is my fourth dog, 3rd puppy in my life of owning dogs, and so far he is beyond my expectations. I may sound a little crazy but i swear at 7 weeks this pup knows how to wake me up to go outside for a bathroom break. Completely Satisfied!!
Mario Barrera 9:36 PM on November 28, 2021 by
We have known Melissa with Briar Covey GSP since August of 2017, and have stayed in close communication with her through the years. She has always been very professional, willing to share her knowledge of the breed, and most helpful in sharing tips on various procedures such as tail docking, and dew claw removals. We value our relationship with her as a fellow breeder, but we are most thankful for her as a special friend and mentor. Her love for her “babies “ is unsurpassed and is evident in every aspect of both her professional and personal life. We thank the Lord for bringing us together through our mutual love for the GSP breed and highly recommend Briar Covey for the BEST in GSP‼️ Ronnie & Rose Pope
Ronnie Pope 8:21 PM on November 11, 2021 by
I purchased a male and female from Melissa back in 2018. I love these dogs with all my heart and they are my world. I could not ask for a better breeder. Melissa takes such great care of her babies and she makes sure they have everything they need prior to going home to their forever homes. I have become great friends with Melissa over the years. I send her random pics of my babies who once were her babies to show off what beauties she sold me. Melissa is more than just someone I purchased 2 dogs from. Melissa has helped me endless amounts of times from needing duplicate AKC paperwork to helping me find a new vet to actually taking time from her busy day to make calls for me because she knows I’m working an not able to do so. Melissa has also helped me with advise on my own litter of puppies she has defiantly gone above and beyond what anyone else would have ever done! I can truly say that Melissa is not just a breeder or friend she’s been a blessing and I have found a friend for life with her. I would recommend anyone to her and I hope you find your FURever baby with Melissa
Kristy phillips - 10:55 PM on November 9, 2021 by

We got our very first GSP from Melissa a few weeks ago. We are so in love! I contacted Melissa about an available puppy and she was amazing at answering all my questions. Our family has 2 boys (9 and 6) and our new GSP, Tucker has been an incredible addition to our family! Melissa truly loves her dogs and has dedicated her time to love on and train her puppies before heading to their new homes. We brought our little guy home and he already had experience with crate training, potty training, use of a doggie door and socialization. During our first few days home, Melissa checked in on us and was available to answer all my new puppy questions. We are so pleased with our experience with Melissa. We love our Tucker so much. He is sweet, snuggly, smart and playful. We will definitely return to Briar Covey, if/when another GSP is in our future.

Stephanie - 11:59 PM on November 8, 2021 by
A few weeks ago we bought our second GSP from Melissa. Now we have a boy (2years old) and a girl (almost 3 months old). When we decided to add to our family, we knew we would be purchasing from Melissa. She is so easy to work with, is extremely knowledgeable about the breed and breeding process, Honest, and always available. Both of our GSPs are extremely healthy, beautiful, and good-natured. It is clear they are very loved and well cared for in their earliest weeks of life. Truly, I can’t thank Melissa enough for the joy these two bring to our family!
Steve and Rebekah Johnson - 1:33 PM on November 2, 2021 by
After our 14-yr old GSP passed away a while back, my wife and I were ready to get a new dog of the same wonderful breed. We researched a lot of choices as far as breeders and rescues, but felt most comfortable talking with Melissa. We weren't exactly sure about all this, so she welcomed a visit from us to Briar Covey. We met Duke as our first choice and have no regrets whatsoever--an energetic, awesome and most loving pointer we have ever owned (we've had three). Melissa made the whole process a joy and is really great to work with--a real professional at what she does. Duke is still very much a puppy at 11 months old, but is easing into our routine very well. We were very fortunate to be introduced to Duke and have reached out to his previous owners to let them know how he is doing with us. We are looking forward to many years of happiness with him. Thank you, Melissa for bringing the joy of GSPs into our home once again!
Joe Crawford - 10:32 AM on October 13, 2021 by
I cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience was in working with Melissa. Recently, our family had to make some major adjustments and we had to make the tough decision to re-home our sweet boy Duke. This was extremely difficult, but when I reached out to Melissa, she was more than happy and ever so helpful in making sure we found Duke the perfect home. She reassured me that it was important we find him the right home and wanted to help me do that. She helped us every step of the way. Her patience and willingness to help matched Duke with his new perfect family! The new family even sends us pictures and videos of how he is doing which brings us joy and peace of mind in this bittersweet decision. I cannot recommend Melissa enough if you are looking for a GSP. She has the sweetest and most beautiful dogs!

Kasey Ainsley - 11:22 AM on October 6, 2021 by

My name is Erin Russell. I live in Orlando, FL and we recently lost our Sweet Diesel Dog (Sharpei) that we had for over 14 years. I knew I needed another dog in my home and heart as soon as possible so I started researching German Shorthaired Pointers and fell in love! I knew this was our next breed. I then started to research breeders near Orlando and found Briar Covey and Melissa! She is Amazing! The whole process was so easy and she was in contact the entire time keeping me updated with the status of our New Puppy. She is constantly adding new pics of your New Pup each week, which I loved! So fun watching them grow! She also had all the paperwork and documents ready for us when we arrived so pick up was super easy and quick! We had our Little Man on the road with us in no time. When we picked up our Sweet Augustus from Melissa and Briar Covey, my heart melted! He is absolutely perfect! We could not be happier to have him as a part of our family and we look forward to many years for fun and laughter! He has the best personality and is already so smart! I highly recommend Melissa and Briar Covey if you ever want to add the Most Precious Little One to your Crew!

Erin Russell - 7:46 PM on July 16, 2021 by

Last week we were lucky enough to pick up our puppy named Ocean. This is my first experience with a breeder and Melissa was amazing. Dogs are very well care for and we can tell she loves them. She took her time in explaining me everything about our puppy. It has been a week since we have Ocean and he has been nothing but amazing. He loves his crate, loves to play and he loves being around us. A very happy puppy for sure. I recommend Melissa for anyone looking to have such an amazing breed. Thank you Melissa! We are very happy
Sanford - 10:00 PM on May 29, 2021 
I have known Melissa now for over 10 years and have gotten 7 puppies from her. She is an excellent breeder, vey honest, caring and the hardest working woman I have ever known. She has dedicated around 30 years to the GSP breed. They are wonderful dogs. We hunt our dogs on both dover and quail and have never been dissapointed in the performance in the field, they are also our house dogs. Melissa will always tell you the truth about the puppies and give you a straight answer to any question you may ask her. She does not overbreed her dogs, she cares more about her dogs health to do that, they are like her children to her. You will not be disappointed in any puppy you get from her.
gloria - 1:01 PM on May 12, 2021 

Very impressed with our new family member. Training already and she’s doing great, quick learned, lots of fun, super smart. We would highly recommend this breeder for anyone looking for a quality GSP. We are very happy.

Eric Casas - 5:33 PM on April 15, 2021  by
Just pick up my new puppy from Melissa, she gave us an awesome and healthy puppy from one if their litters. We travel all the way from Puerto Rico to Gainesville to meet are new puppy. The trip was truly worth it she was really awesome and takes really good care of the puppy’s. It was really i great experience, we recommended her 100%. Thank you so much for giving us one beautiful puppy
Puerto Rico Family - 10:41 AM on January 17, 2021  by
After several months of attempting to rescue an adult GSP and not being selected for adoption, we turned to Briar Covey and Melissa Gray for help. We had recently lost our rescue Weimaraner to cancer after having him 9 years. Not wanting to “replace” our weim, we knew a GSP would be a great fit for our family, including our two girls, 5 and 3. We reached out to Melissa to inquire about upcoming litters and as luck would have it, one of her GSPs was recently surrendered back to her from a family who made the difficult decision, in the best interest of their GSP, to rehome him. Melissa offered us the opportunity to meet this handsome two year old GSP the day before Thanksgiving and it was love at first sight. Melissa was extremely generous with her time, making sure our daughters were comfortable with the dog when we first met. She walked us through the dog’s history, his parent’s history, and how to best acclimate him to our family. We signed an adoption contract with a two week trial period to make sure the adoption was the best fit for our family and the GSP. After we got home she periodically checked in to see how the transition was going and she was available to answer all of our questions. We renamed our new GSP Bodie and we feel extremely lucky not only to have found him, but that it was Melissa who connected us. From the moment we met Melissa, my wife and I could tell how dedicated she is to each of her GSPs, even after they leave her care. GSPs are her passion and we are so fortunate she made possible the rescue we were hoping for.
Mackintosh Family - 2:13 PM on December 17, 2020  by
KelseyReyn says...
Melissa gave us a beautiful GSP of our dreams. Brooks (from Rivers Jr and Trudi's litter) has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Melissa's early crate training with her puppies has been a blessing! Brooks took to his crate in his new home almost immediately as his "safe place". He has such a wonderful disposition and fits our active lifestyle wonderfully. We have had him for about 4 weeks and he has already mastered "sit", "stay", "kennel", and "lay down". From day 1, Brooks understood that pooping was for outside, and while we are still working on indoor peeing accidents, I know he will master it in no time due to his intelligence, well-grooming, and Melissa's early start crating. We are very grateful for Briar Covey and Brooks! Thank you.

Hi we have one from the same LItter!! What an amazing guy we got! Hope you are just as happy as us. Enjoy him
Kenny&Tina - 9:09 AM on December 10, 2020 

Melissa is amazing and her pups are great. We picked up our boy in September and he has been a blessing. Hes a total nut job but what a great temperament. Melissa was always able to answer any questions we had being that this was our first time getting this breed that we did in fact research on. He is full of energy but is loving the townhome living. GSP's learn VERY fast, our boy is 5 months old and we no longer have to walk him on a leash he stands by our side and listens well to his name, Our daughter is OBSESSED with him and so am i. I must say they do sleep in VERY weird postions. :).
Anyways if you are looking for a sport hunting dog and do come across melissa and her pups, PLEASE have complete trust and faith in her cause i know we did and we cant be happier. I will be a glad to drive 5 hours to her and 5 hours home again to get another pup. And i know in the near future we will be getting another one.. Thank you for such an amazing guy.
He was from Trudi and Rivers Jr
He is 5 months old and 50lbs Hes the BEST

Kenny&Tina - 9:00 AM on December 10, 2020 
Our family was looking for a good family pet and I a versatile hunting dog. I had plans to use it to retrieve waterfowl, and primarily hunt Bobwhite Quail in the south and Ruffed Grouse in the north. We were referred to Melissa and Briar Covey through a friend who had owned and hunted one of her dogs for years. . She was very knowledgeable and clearly had a special place for the GSP breed. After talking it over we placed a deposit for our puppy. During the process Melissa was very good about communicating and posting new puppy pictures every week, which our kids waited all week for. She was professional and provided all the appropriate paperwork as well as information on what to expect and how to prepare for our new puppy.
When the day came we set up a time to pick her up at Melissa's home. We spent a solid hour there visiting and getting to know our new puppy as well as meeting her momma. We took her home and she instantly won us over. She was fun, fearless, energetic, friendly and loving. That has not changed in almost 9 months. She has been incredibly trainable and is as smart as the day is long not to mention beautiful. She swims in the pool with our kids, loves to play fetch, and never passes up a blanket to lay on.
Now all you looking for a hunting partner listen up. I had low expectations for hunting as I was new to training pointing breeds. But much to my delight since the day this dog saw and smelled a Quail she has been an all star. She's now 8 months old and with my Very Rookie bird dog training over the last 6 months... she is easily keeping two hunters busy in the field. She finds birds, holds a point for as long as she has to, flushes and retrieves the birds. She's just so forgiving for a rookie like me its almost funny how good she is. I can't imagine her in three years. I will have to become a better hunter to do her justice. Briar Covey is an asset to the GSP Breed Thanks again Melissa for our girl Fin.
Kris Keene - 6:48 PM on November 24, 2020  by
Melissa was amazing to work with before we brought our sweet puppy, Ollie, home. She told us so much about his mom and dad and you could see how much she loves and cares for her puppies. The vet care was great before we picked him up. We are already discussing getting another GSP from Melissa next summer. Ollie has been a happy, well adjusted puppy. He is very smart and snuggly. We highly recommend Briar Covey.
Torbert Family - 9:46 PM on October 31, 2020  by
Melissa gave us a beautiful GSP of our dreams. Brooks (from Rivers Jr and Trudi's litter) has been such a wonderful addition to our family. Melissa's early crate training with her puppies has been a blessing! Brooks took to his crate in his new home almost immediately as his "safe place". He has such a wonderful disposition and fits our active lifestyle wonderfully. We have had him for about 4 weeks and he has already mastered "sit", "stay", "kennel", and "lay down". From day 1, Brooks understood that pooping was for outside, and while we are still working on indoor peeing accidents, I know he will master it in no time due to his intelligence, well-grooming, and Melissa's early start crating. We are very grateful for Briar Covey and Brooks! Thank you.
KelseyReyn - 10:27 AM on October 5, 2020